AI-based product identification that just works. At scale. At speed. In the real world.

Identify hundreds of thousands of products quickly and accurately from any angle, in any lighting, at scale, and despite obstructions and variants.

UltronAI enables you to solve today’s most pressing retail problems by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence with a computer vision platform purpose-built for the retail industry.

Trained to work in highly variable store conditions, our industry-leading product identification delivers confidence and efficiency to any—and every—product-related use case.

The unfulfilled promise of computer vision

It’s no secret that previous AI-based visual product identification solutions have fallen short. Computer vision’s promise has often faltered due to:


Real-world conditions
Enormous amounts of data sampling to address issues with occlusion, position, lighting, shadows, and fine-grained details


Volume limitations
Inability to scale to meet enterprise needs in an economical way


Long training cycles
Training, expanding, and retraining required significant investments of time and money


High operating costs
Costly dedicated servers or cloud computing resources required to run AI

AI product identification you can trust.

Fast Identification

Reduce errors, friction, and customer frustration with instant product identification

Fast Enrollment

Simplify support for large, changing product catalogs with one-shot enrollment


Achieve unparalleled accuracy with a retail-trained AI model built for real-world conditions


Support hundreds of thousands of products at speed

Easy to Use

Create, refine, and expand the model without needing AI expertise

Easy to Deploy

Speed development and time-to-value with an SDK and API-first architecture that works either on the edge or in the cloud

Validated by a top US retailer

One of the most prominent retailers in the US, with 4,000+ locations across the country, has turned to UltronAI to decrease check out times and protect against losses from theft.

Prior to implementing UltronAI, the company was using an internally developed system that could only recognize 1,000 products. With UltronAI, 250,000 products were onboarded in under an hour—with near 100% identification accuracy. That’s the power of UltronAI.

CapabilityTypical AI
The UltronAI
Platform for Retail
Enrollment Time
Days to weeks to enroll
1-3k products
250k products
< 45 minutes*
Zero-shot, single catalog
image enrollment vs multi-image, multi-view capture
Gallery Size
(Number of Products Successfully Enrolled)
1-3k products250,000+ products*Foundational AI models built explicitly to maintain accuracy and speed as product catalogs grow
Product Identification AccuracyVariable lighting and positioning conditions negatively impact accuracyOver 99%AI trained specifically for
robustness to occlusion, pose, lighting, and fine-grained similarities

The UltronAI Platform

UltronAI isn’t a “better scanner”—it’s an embeddable AI engine that enables retail innovators to reimagine what’s possible when it comes to product detection and identification.

Built off 20 years of military-grade artificial intelligence research and more than 50 patents, the AI computer vision models underlying our product detection and identification engine are purpose-built and trained from the ground up for the retail industry.

Designed to lift traditional barriers around speed, scale, and ”ideal” conditions, our platform enables new customer innovations—around high-speed checkout, automation, loss prevention, inventory management, and more—to move from idea to reality.


UltronAI accurately identifies any packaged product in your catalog


No need for barcodes, it works with limited angles and partial views


Quickly add thousands of products to your catalog within hours


UltronAI works alongside your existing software platforms with no conflicts


Use the UltronAI mobile app to quickly add new products with enterprise-wide real-time updates


Get real-time reports on accuracy in a customizable dashboard

The technology behind UltronAI

Backed by 50+ patents, UltronAI’s technology is based on more than 20 years of military-grade R&D focused on accurate identification from partial images.

Marios Savvides, PhD, our Chief Technology Officer, boasts a distinguished background in facial identification technology. This pioneering AI work in large scale visual identification has lead him to receive the “Outstanding Contributor in AI” from the U.S. Secretary of the Army, Mr. Ryan McCarthy in 2020. In 2022 he was named “Inventor of the Year” by the Pittsburgh Intellectual Property Law Association for his large and extensive patent portfolio. These awards are in addition to 6 other awards he has received for his research impact. This groundbreaking proprietary IP was adapted and enhanced to form the core of UltronAI’s specialized AI proprietary computer vision models for retail product identification.

While facial identification might seem a far cry from correctly identifying the ketchup that’s hiding behind the mayo, at a computer vision level, both problems rely on taking a partial or distorted picture and attributing it to the right real-world object. Today, UltronAI delivers the most accurate computer vision engines for product identification by building on this foundation.

UltronAI Leadership

Marios Savvides
Founder, Chairman, and CTO
Stefanos Damianakis

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